About Us

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Who We Are

We are a small but mighty training company who are passionate about delivering the best training to your business. We are obsessed with customer experience and teaching businesses how to serve their customers well.

What We Believe

Having well trained staff is absolutely essential for your businesses to succeed, thrive and reach it’s revenue goals.

Your customer facing staff represent you and your brand. So, we think they should be trained well, developed continuously, held accountable and praised where appropriate.

Our Approach

What sets us apart from other training providers is our passion for your business vision and our attention to detail.

Training doesn’t have to be boring, ineffective or pointless. In fact quite the opposite!

We provide in person customer experience and customer service training of the highest standard. We also provide real time online training for smaller businesses.

Training Courses

All of our courses are designed and created with business growth in mind. We want to help you reach your revenue, customer acquisition and marketshare goals by helping you stand out.

All of our courses are:

  • Dynamic

  • Informative

  • Effective

  • Engaging

  • Fun

  • Results based

  • Worth the investment


Once a training course has been delivered we provide support and aftercare for every client. This will include either a guide, a manual, review calls or real time support via phone or e-mail.

We want to make sure you get your money’s worth and can implement all of the principles, methods and practicalities learnt in the training.


Rachel Williams | Customer Experience Expert

Founder and Chief Creative Training Officer of The Experience Corporation, Rachel Williams has over a decades experience working in customer services, complaint handling and mentoring.


Rachel spent several years at The Financial Ombudsman Service investigating complaints, advising financial service providers on best practice and listening to consumers talk about their bad customer experiences. It became apparent that businesses needed help to improve the service they provide.

Rachel became passionate about training others whilst volunteering her time alongside her day job at The Financial Ombudsman Service. She co-created and delivered customer service training for NHS staff, an independent retailer a local youth charity and council workers.

Rachel also trained staff whilst working at Santander bank, worked at various major retailers and provides continuous life training and mentoring to women in her Church.

The Epiphany

Rachel soon realised she loved sharing her expertise and best practice to empower others to deliver better service. When delivering training she comes alive, lights up and has fun!

She truly believes the missing link in business success is well trained staff and amazing customer experiences. To solve this problem, she founded The Experience Corporation to equip businesses with the training they need to serve their customers in excellence.

A Little Personal

After having her second daughter, Rachel was faced with two options whilst on maternity leave:

  1. Return to a job which would mean seeing her small children for only 2 hours a day and feeling left behind at work because she had taken maternity leave

  2. Get a part time job closer to home and take a significant pay cut

A Leap of Faith

Rachel felt there had to be a third option and begun relentlessly researching starting a business.

Soon after, she took the plunge and quit her day job to pursue a dream which would give her more flexibility, allow her to pursue her passion to train others and would give her the chance to serve today’s business community with valuable content.

Rachel lives in Kent with her husband Teddy and two young daughters Isabella and Gabriella. When she’s not obsessing over customer experience she likes flat whites, a good Sunday roast and lazy Saturday’s.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether your a start-up looking to train your team, a small businesses wanting to improve overall service or a large corporation looking for a new training provider, we’ve got you covered.

Your Training Package

We’ll provide you with a tailored package which will include:

  • A complimentary discovery call

  • In person training or Real Time Online Training

  • Takeaway Resources

  • Enrolment to our aftercare support program.

We’d love to hear from you so get in touch and lets make your business and service the best it can possibly be!

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