The Customer Experience Masterplan

A six-week online transformation program that will show you the exact steps to measure, quantify and improve your customer experience.

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You're an ambitious individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to be number ONE in your industry.

If you fall into one of these categories, the course will suit you perfectly:

  • The Starter: You are just starting out in business and are eager to build a trustworthy brand. You can't wait to have a flow of customers or clients and want to provide them with the very best possible customer experience.
  • The Team Builder: You run a company and lead a team of customer-facing staff. You have a desire to lead a customer-centric company and for your team to really care about your customers.
  • The CX Manager: Your role as a CX manager involves driving forwards all CX initiatives for your company. You are looking for a system to improve the customer experience of your organisation and are eager to find action steps towards building a customer-first company.
  • The Onliner: You have an online business with lots of paying customers. You've invested in various training programs such as sales and marketing. You have a feeling that now is the time to implement a framework for customer experience so that you can truly be number 1.

Customer Experience. Simplified. 

Online Training

6 action based modules delivered online.


Receive 6 implementation workbooks and 6 course manuals - 1 per module.

Measurable Results

Action based training. Focussing on results.

“The training was very informative and engaging."

— Sidania Hyatt - Operations Manager, The Atlas Building

Course Outline

Build a customer-centric business leading to more delighted customers, wonderful reviews and long term business growth.


Module 1: Vision

  • Create a customer-focused vision and mission
  • Learn the fundamentals of creating a customer 1st culture
  • Understand the impact of having a clear vision
  • Learn how to cast vision to make an impact ss.


Module 2: Customer Success

  • Create a high converting customer feedback funnel
  • Analyse feedback from your key customers
  • Realise your customer experience score


Module 3: The Customer Journey

  • Map out your customer journey
  • Improve each customer touchpoint instantly
  • Create an action plan for revenue-generating improvement.


Module 4: Select Your Vibe

  • Learn how to communicate like a true professional
  • Implement strategies to improve communication
  • Understand the science behind good comms
  • Choose a tone and vibe that will attract your ideal customers 


Module 5: The WOW Factor

  • Create a WOW Factor strategy that will keep customers coming back
  • Understand the value of personal touches
  • Stand out from the crowd by learning the principles of WOW Factors


Module 6: The Ultimate CX Framework

  • Craft a CX framework that results in long term business growth
  • Create a five-point continuous action plan to measure, transform and improve CX
  • Learn the ultimate implementation strategy for your company